Workshops Fashioned for Families*


Manu Shahi (Family Workshop Directory):  

. Building Positive Relationships for Today’s Youth

. Connecting with Your Child

. “Connect Not Correct the Dots”

. Developing Skills and Attitudes to Succeed in Higher Studies

. Learning Goal Setting Skills and How to Achieve any Goal

.  Overcoming a Lack of Self-Esteem

.  Seven Weeks to Balanced Success

Listen to Manu’s own words:

“My goal is to equip students with the skills necessary to attain success in their lives.  As a parent of a teen-aged child, I understand intensely the distractive paths that children of this age can follow and that the right guidance at the right time is required to shape their way.”
In a world where television, social media, and activities permeate the lives of young adults, how do we find a way to connect with our children? More importantly, how do young adults thrive amidst the mass of information, peer pressure, and academic stress? I am here to help answer these questions, and set you and your child up for lifelong success.

As a parent and former afterschool educator, I know the difficulties of raising, educating, and forming young minds, but I also know that there is a path to success, and at the heart of that path is a connection. In my session, you will learn from an insider, how to overcome the obstacles in your young adult’s life by connecting with them on a daily basis. My motto and mission are to Connect the Dots Before You Correct the Dots. Not only will I discuss how to forge a deep and lasting relationship with your children, but also how to support that connection through my four pillars of success: Organizational Skills, Time Management, Academic Challenges, and Behavior Management.

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*Fashioned for Families Workshops are for youth, parents, counselors, educators and more.