Workshops Built for Businesses*


Manu Shahi (Business/Corporation Workshop Directory):

. Building Positive Relationships

. Connecting with Others and Team Building

.  Developing Independent Thinking and Skills to Succeed

. Learning Goal Setting and How to Achieve Goals

. Overcoming Challenges

. Preparing for Professional Development

.  Time Management

Listen to Manu’s own words:

“My goal is to equip adults with the skills necessary to attain success in their lives.  As a successful business woman, educator and motivational speaker, I have been deeply involved in helping others achieve their potential, while meeting the everyday challenges of running a business.  In addition to hiring staff and communicating with clients, I have made training and team building a top priority.  I believe we must instill confidence in people so they can survive independently as they develop a constructive and positive mind set.”

Manu Shahi  is on a mission to help as many people as she can to be equipped for success in life.  She is a firm believer in investing in human capabilities, and that this is the most vast and dynamic area in which to invest. Her passion starts with her role as an educator and a speaker where she teaches students and adults the skills to believe in themselves and become competent human beings.  Her focus is on teaching the things that really matter in life.  Manu encourages people to set goals for themselves.  By setting their own goals and developing time management skills, they will learn to become self-motivated and self-directed.

Contact Ms. Shahi for more information or to plan a workshop specifically designed to meet a special need.

*Built for Businesses Workshops are for small businesses, corporations and more.